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Motorcar Paint Protection is the Best Auto Detailer in East Stroudsburg, PA

That is because we strive to put our valued customers first. At Motorcar Paint Protection, we know how difficult it can be to find an auto body shop and auto detailing service provider that understands all your needs and acts accordingly. We want to be the car detailer that customers from all over East Stroudsburg, PA turn to when they want auto detailing done right, the first time, at a reasonable price, and by technicians that are knowledgeable and have the appropriate skills to get the job done efficiently.

That is why we understand that not all customers think alike or have the same taste. Also, not all consumers want to spend the same amount of money on car detailing services. That is why we developed different levels of car detailing packages so our clients can choose which works best for them and their car detailing needs.

Auto detailing in Stroudsburg, PA

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Car detailing in Stroudsburg, PA

We Offer Different Levels of Car Detailing Packages

At Motorcar Paint Protection, we look after our customers’ varying needs with three distinct auto detailing packages, so there is sure to be something for everyone. At Level 1, starting at only $149, we will dress your tires, polish your exhaust tips, clean your door jambs, wheels, wheel wells, and engine bay, vacuum your interior, and give your exterior a gentle foam bath. We also provide paint decontamination services and place a system sealant on the vehicle that can last anywhere between four and six months.

Our Level 2 package includes everything listed as part of the Level 1 package, but it includes 1-step paint correction, as well. This restores the paint’s natural gloss and removes all light scratches. This package starts at a cost of $349.

Starting at $699, Level 3 differs from Level 2 only due to the paint treatment included. Rather than a 1-step paint correction, a Level 3 package includes a multi-step paint correction. This procedure will give your vehicle a shine that is even better than a new car’s, and it also wipes out almost all scratches, regardless of size and depth. And for around $300 more, you can opt for all Level 3 services plus the addition of a protective ceramic coating. This coating provides several years of protection against multiple types of damage.

So, if you are looking for car detailing in Emmaus, PA that provides affordable services for every income bracket and personal taste, come down to our Stroudsburg, PA area auto body shop. Motorcar Paint Protection has serviced Stroudsburg, PA customers for many years by providing them with the best workmanship and customer service of all the car interior detailing and car interior cleaning service shops in the East Stroudsburg, PA area. We would be glad to answer your questions and discuss your auto detailing and restoration needs before you choose a package and prior to us beginning your work. We want to make sure that you are absolutely satisfied. So, come see us today or give us a call anytime!