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What is Paint Correction?

We all wish to keep our vehicles looking brand new forever. Unfortunately, even with all the care we give our cars, over time the paint fades and the shine diminishes. Paint correction is the solution to restore the original look of your paint. By mechanically polishing the paint with micro-abrasive agents, we can remove defects like scratches, swirls and virtually any damage that is on the clear-coat of your paint. Two kinds of micro-abrasive are used to polish your paint. In rare cases, wet-sand papers are used to level your clear-coat and remover deeper, more aggressive scratches. Liquid polishes or diminishing polishes, are the most common micro-abrasive used by professionals to both remove defects and deliver stunning gloss. These diminishing polishes are used with high-tech dual-action polishers to deliver flawless results that often look better than the day your first took possession of your vehicle. In a nutshell, paint correction provides a solution to repair your paint and it’s original look without repainting your car.

Paint Correction Packages

1-Stage Paint Correction

Paint correction package that restores a deep gloss
Removes very light scratches & imperfections


• Gentle Foam Bath
•Engine Bay cleaned
•Door jambs cleaned
•Wheel and wheels wells cleaned
• Paint Decontamination
• 1 step Paint Correction
• Synthetic sealants (4-6 months)
• Exhaust tips polished
•Tires Dressed
• Vacuum

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Multi-Stage Paint Correction

In the package, we custom build a multi-stage paint correction remove virtually all scratches found in the clear-coat


• Gentle Foam Bath
• Engine Bay cleaned
• Door jambs cleaned
• Wheel and wheels wells cleaned
• Paint Decontamination
• Multistage Paint Correction
• Synthetic sealants (4-6 months)
• Exhaust tips polished
•Tires Dressed
• Vacuum

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Paint Correction Services in Bethlehem

At Motorcar Paint Protection, we offer comprehensive car paint correction services.

Every single car has an outer layer of clear coating that is designed to protect the paint and seal the vehicle from scratches and other scuffs. Over time and with long drives on gravelly roads, friction can cause damage to your vehicle and its layers. No matter what you do, you’re going to be vulnerable to abrasion and wear and tear, so you need to do what you can to protect it. Adding car paint correction services to your latest car detailing package could be the best thing that you do for your vehicle. With car paint correction, you have a layer of your car’s outer layer to remove the imperfections. The coat being removed leads to the scratches and scuffs being removed and your vehicle is left looking brand new.

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What is Paint Correction?

No one wants to buy a car for it to look damaged and worn out over time. The problem is that unless you invest in regular car paint correction or ceramic coating services in Allentown, Bethlehem or Quakertown, you’re going to have to deal with wear and tear as a look! No matter what care you give your car, you need to keep an eye on your car and its look; the paint will fade, and the shine will diminish over time, and the best possible solution to that is to invest in car paint correction services and car paint protection film. At Bethlehem Motorcar Paint Protection, we will mechanically polish the paint with micro-abrasive agents to remove all the scratches, swirls, and any damage that is on the clear outer coat of your paintwork.

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Bring Your Car Back to Its Best With Paint Correction

We use two types of the micro-abrasive agent to polish your car, and in rare cases, wet-sand papers will level the coat and remove the more aggressive scratches. The most common micro-abrasive used by our Bethlehem professionals are liquid polishes or diminishing polishes, delivering a stunning gloss. With high-tech dual-action specialists, Quakertown car paint correction is going to change the way your car looks its best!

The Benefits of Paint Correction

Getting that new paint job? That is a service that can be costly, and it takes time. Car paint correction can save you time, money and remove the imperfections at the same time, and it works by retaining the original paint job of the car, too. Car paint correction is a process, and at our detailing studio, our best Quakertown specialists will remove most imperfections and get it looking as good as new all over again.

Who Are Motorcar Paint Protection?

At Motorcar Paint Protection, we only hire the best specialists for your Allentown car paint correction needs. Our experts are highly trained in the following areas:

  • Allentown
  • Bethlehem
  • Quakertown

We offer the best in car paint correction and ceramic coating in Bethlehem, PA are only ever carried out by specialists. All residents of Allentown, Bethlehem and Quakertown residents are welcome to bring their vehicles in, as are those traveling through. Our Allentown experts are here to bring your vehicle back to its best. We’ve got more than enough options to make sure that your car is your priority!

Paint Correction Services in Quakertown & Bethlehem, PA

We offer partial, partial plus, full front and full car painting. Motorcar Paint restoration has mastered the technique of painting through our pride in giving drivers quality results. It’s our mission to correct paint issues in a tailored way that other paint restoration mechanics simply miss.

It Isn’t Difficult to Get A Quote for Paint Correction Quakertown

We offer a free quote for anyone who calls in. There’s no need to worry about the quality of the job you’re receiving. Individual needs are always taken into account when they are requested. A job is never rushed. Simply call 610-533-4648 to receive prompt and proper service

Why Look Anywhere Else for Paint Correction Quakertown

Next time you need work done, trust us to give you the results you wish you would have seen last time. It’s time you sought out paint correction Quakertown drivers can depend on that offers you the results you’ll need to take to the road with pride.