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Protect Your Car’s Appearance With Windshield Protection in Center Valley, PA

Are you doing everything you can to protect your car? Have you been driving around the roads of Lehigh Valley, PA with full confidence in your current paint protection? If you’ve answered yes to both of those questions, have you ever considered what would happen if a rock would hit your windshield?

Protecting your car doesn’t just stop at protecting your paint and finish. Ensuring that you have the proper windshield protection is part of guaranteeing your car will stay in pristine condition. Given that windshields are made of glass, they break easily when faced with impacts from stones and pebbles that could come flying toward them at high speeds on the road. Scratches are also a risk, even from your windshield wipers.

Here at Motorcar Paint Protection, we continually strive to deliver the best car protection services in the Lehigh Valley, PA area. Our technicians are highly trained in installing car paint protection, ceramic coating, paint correction, detailing, and tinting. We are now extending our services to windshield protection because we want to help you with all your car care needs.

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PPF For Windshields

PPF, or Paint Protection Film, is a thin, transparent film that is commonly used for protecting the body of your car from scuffs and scratches accumulated through its lifetime. Other than physical impacts, PPF also protects against acidic and corrosive contaminants that could damage your paint. Odds are, if you’re a dedicated car owner, you already have PPF applied to your car.

However, PPF for windshields is equally important as PPF for your car’s body. If you have ever gotten a crack on your windshield, you’re aware of how difficult and annoying it is to replace it — you need to find the right vendor, set aside time to bring your car in for the repairs, and of course, the high costs. This is why it’s better to prevent accidents from happening by choosing the right PPF for your windshield.

Benefits of Windshield Protection Film

If you’re still wondering whether you need windshield protection, let us tell you more about its benefits:

  • Protects From Scratches: While a single scratch on your windshield may be unnoticeable, it can build up over time. Eventually, they may cause distortions, glare, or other visual effects that could affect your driving. A self-healing PPF coating for your windshield will prevent this.
  • Transparent: A good film will be fully transparent and unobtrusive.
  • Offers Faster Run-Off of Rain & Snow – Providing Better Visibility: Clearing your windshield from the snow that has built up overnight can add significant time to your morning routine in the winter. Windshield protection film will help with clearing snow, ice, and run-off that would otherwise stick to the glass.
  • Long-Lasting: Adding that extra layer of protection to your windshield will make it last longer, preventing scratches and cracks. It will be a long time before you see wear and tear on your film, but when you do, contact our team in Lehigh Valley, PA and we can put the best windshield protection film on your car.
  • & More!

If you need windshield protection for your car, call us today! Motorcar Paint Protection has a sterling reputation in Center Valley, PA, with years of providing quality services under our belt.