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Are you looking to preserve your car’s appearance? The roads of the Lehigh Valley area can easily ruin your car’s finish. From rocks, UV rays, and bird droppings, your vehicle faces many potential threats that could easily ruin your brand new finish.

To make sure your car’s paint stays the same, it will need some serious protection to help it fight against the forces of nature. And that’s where Paint Protection Film (PPF) comes in.

You’ve probably heard of it or maybe you remember someone mentioning “Clear Bra” or “Clear-Shield” or “3M Scotchgard Films.” Paint protection film has many names but only one purpose and that’s to protect your paint against scratches, chips, scuffs, and UV rays.

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The History of Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is a transparent, robust and thin urethane film. It’s about 6 mils thick, or six-thousandths (0.006) of an inch. It was first invented by 3M for the US Army during the Vietnam War. 3M invented clear bra to protect helicopter rotor from high-velocity shrapnel and debris. The US Army needed a solution that not protected but that was very light-weight and 3M paint protection was the exact solution they need.

Nowadays, PPF main applications are in the automotive sector and they’ve evolved to cater to virtually all paint protection needs. In a nutshell, clear bras excel at one thing and that’s to protect your paint even against high impact damages such as rock chips, scratches, and scuffs.

The urethane film will also absorb all UV rays to guarantee your paint won’t oxidize. It also provides complete protection against acidic and corrosive contaminants such as bird droppings, acid rains, calcium deposits or any contaminant that would otherwise harm your paint.

But over the decades, manufacturers have continually improved their films and they can now self-heal, change the color of your paint, add a “matte” look to your paint and more.

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Driving on the roads in Allentown and throughout the Lehigh Valley can lead to chips and scratches on your car, which can ruin the finish and change the way your car looks. To ensure your car stays in pristine condition, contact our team in Center Valley, PA today! We can put the best paint protection film on your car.

Clear Bra Installer in Center Valley, PA

Many dedicated car owners want to keep their car looking the same as the day they got it. To do this, you need the right protection for it. This is where our experts come in. You may have heard of it, but clear bra car protection is another way to say car paint protection film. You need this to protect your car against all UV rays, scuffs, chips, and more. We’ve got the right ceramic coating in Quakertown, PA for you.

XPEL 3M Clear

You can get the best XPEL and 3M clear bra car paint protection films from us here at Motorcar Paint Protection in Hellertown. As one of the oldest paint protection films in the game, XPEL is a force of nature that offers excellent products. 3M car paint protection is the best in the world for car manufacturers. The products are revolutionary, and from the car paint protection point of view, Motorcar Paint Protection chooses XPEL 3M Clear bra for your car to ensure that your vehicle is one of the best protected around in the Bethlehem and Quakertown areas.

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Who Is Motorcar Paint Protection?

With XPEL 3M Clear, you will get clear bra car paint protection film in Hellertown that is unrivaled in the industry and will ensure that your car maintains its look and value. When you select a leading film such as XPEL, you’ll receive a film that is invisible to the naked eye and durable year-round. It’s impossible to notice, which keeps your car looking sleek, new, and fresh no matter what. There’s no need to spend on a new vehicle when you can simply update yours with a fresh new paint protection film and clear bra car film in Allentown, PA.

If you’re looking for the best car paint protection in Allentown or Bethlehem, PA, we can help. At Motorcar Paint Protection, we can offer the best car paint correction in the Hellertown, Coopersburg, PA, and Quakertown areas! Our car detailing service is available to all residents in Center Valley and beyond!

With the help of our Allentown experts, your vehicle can look brand new – even when it’s not.  At Motorcar Paint Protection, we aim to provide a professional service every step of the way for your car needs, and we are confident in our ability to offer just that!

Dependable Paint Protection Film for Cars

Clear Bra Assistance in Center Valley, PA

Do you want clear bra protection help in Center Valley, PA? Contact our team at Motorcar Paint Protection. We can provide your car with the best paint protection film in Quakertown, PA that will be sure to last and keep your car looking fresh and new. We don’t just offer car paint protection film in Quakertown, PA, though. We serve the Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas. We’re known as one of the leading paint protection companies in the area, and our customer reviews reflect that. If you’re looking for the best services in Quakertown or Bethlehem, PA, call us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the packages we offer today.

Are you looking for clear bra car film in Hellertown, PA that’s affordable? Then our company is the company for you. Not only is our clear bra car film affordable, but it looks great and provides optimal protection from scratches and chipping.

We’re known for providing the best paint protection film in Quakertown and Hellertown, PA. If you’re looking for a film that offers resistance to damage, contact us today.

Motorcar Paint Protection has been serving the Quakertown and Bethlehem, PA areas for years, and we’ve built our reputation on providing the best services at the best prices. If you need paint protection film for your car, get in touch with us today!

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