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Cars With PPF Film


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Dependable Paint Protection Film for Cars

Do you want clear bra protection help in Bethlehem, PA? Contact our team at Motorcar Paint Protection. We can provide your car with the best paint protection film that will be sure to last and keep your car looking fresh and new.  We’re known as one of the leading paint protection companies in the area, and our customer reviews reflect that. If you’re looking for the best services in the Lehigh Valley area, call us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the packages we offer today.

Clear Bra Being Installed on a New Car
Ceramic Coating Being Installed on a Luxury Vehicle


Are you looking for clear bra car film that’s affordable? Then our company is the company for you. Not only is our clear bra car film affordable, but it looks great and provides optimal protection from scratches and chipping.

We’re known for providing the best paint protection film in the area. If you’re looking for a film that offers resistance to damage, contact us today.

Motorcar Paint Protection has been serving the Lehigh Valley area for years, and we’ve built our reputation on providing the best services at the best prices. If you need paint protection film for your car, get in touch with us today!

PPF Installation Studio


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Car With Partial PPF Film Installed




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Vehicle With Clear Bra Installed

Clear Bra Installer in Center Valley, PA

Many dedicated car owners want to keep their car looking the same as the day they got it. To do this, you need the right protection for it. This is where our experts come in. You may have heard of it, but clear bra car protection is another way to say car paint protection film. You need this to protect your car against all UV rays, scuffs, chips, and more. We’ve got the right ceramic coating for you!


You can get the best XPEL bra car paint protection films from us here at Motorcar Paint Protection in Hellertown. As one of the oldest paint protection films in the game, XPEL is a force of nature that offers excellent products. The products are revolutionary, and from the car paint protection point of view, Motorcar Paint Protection chooses XPEL for your car to ensure that your vehicle is one of the best protected around in the Bethlehem and Quakertown areas.

The New XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film
XPEL ULTIMATE, STEALTH & PRIME - Automotive Survival Products
Ultimate Plus PPF Film & Ceramic Coating Graphic
PPF Film Installation Bay

We offer car paint protection film in:

Hellertown  •  Bethlehem  •  Coopersburg  •  Center Valley  •  Quakertown

Driving on the roads in Allentown and throughout the Lehigh Valley can lead to chips and scratches on your car, which can ruin the finish and change the way your car looks. To ensure your car stays in pristine condition, contact our team in Center Valley, PA today! We can put the best paint protection film on your car.



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Are You Looking for Car Paint Protection Services?

At Motorcar Paint Protection, you get the best car paint protection Lehigh Valley has to offer! We are proud to serve the Allentown, Bethlehem, Center Valley, and Coopersburg, PA areas. No matter where you are, we promise to provide you with the best possible car paint protection services around. Once we are done, it will feel like you are stepping into a brand new vehicle all over again.