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Tips for Protecting Your Car from the Brutal Summer Heat

Summer heat waves can be brutal, not just for you but for your car as well. The scorching sun and sweltering temperatures can wreak havoc on your vehicle, leading to everything from a dead battery to a cracked dashboard.  But don't worry! You can keep your car cool, comfortable, and protected throughout the season with a few simple precautions.

Check your battery

When it gets hot outside, your car's battery might struggle, which could lead to it dying unexpectedly. It's a good idea to have someone look at your battery before it gets too hot. And if it seems like it's getting old, consider replacing it.

Inspect the fluids

Hot weather can also make essential liquids like coolant and brake fluid disappear faster than usual. 

Before it gets hot, check all the fluids in your car and fill them up if they're running low. This will help keep your engine cool and ensure your brakes work as they should.

Find shade and shield your car

It's a good idea to park your car in shaded areas whenever possible. Doing so can significantly lower the temperature inside your car, making it more comfortable for you and protecting your vehicle from potential sun damage. 

If shade isn't available, consider investing in a reflective windshield sunshade. These shades help deflect the sun's rays, keeping your car cooler and reducing the risk of interior damage caused by prolonged exposure to heat.

Keep the vehicle clean and protected

One of the best ways to beat the heat is by keeping your car clean and protected. Dirt and grime tend to absorb heat, so it's essential to give your vehicle a thorough wash and wax treatment before the hot weather sets in.  Washing your car removes dirt and dust buildup while applying a quality coat of wax not only adds shine but also creates a protective layer that reflects sunlight and preserves the paint's integrity. 

Cover the steering wheel

In the summer, driving can be uncomfortable, especially when you have to place your hands on an already-hot steering wheel.  In fact, on sweltering days, you risk first-degree burns on your hand whenever you touch it. So, invest in a steering wheel cover to keep the temperature cool in hot weather. 

Don't park on hot pavements if you can

While you may not always have control over where you park, it's best to avoid hot pavements when possible, as it expands your car tire. This leads to increased tire pressure, which can cause decreased traction, uneven tire wear, and increased susceptibility to punctures or tire blowouts.

Invest in window tinting

Investing in window tinting offers many benefits. Tinted windows not only give your car a cool, sleek look and block harmful UV rays, but they also keep the inside cooler during hot days. 

Enjoy a comfy summer behind the wheels

Driving in the summer doesn't have to be difficult, and taking the right precautions makes it much more bearable.

For extra protection from the sun, consider installing one of our innovative window tinting films for a consistently cool interior during the hotter months. Request a quote today!


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