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Car window tinting serves three main purposes: style, privacy, and heat rejection. If heat rejection is your primary goal, head down to our shop and let us show you our IR (infrared) window tint. Infrared car tint works differently than all other auto tint films. It consists of dozens of very thin layers. The film traps the heat on the glass and then the glass quickly dissipates the heat. 


We have all shades of this film available so you can style your car however you’d like, but what makes this tint unique is that you can tint your car with an extremely light shade that will produce more heat rejection than 99% of the darker films on the market.

The infrared film has incredible heat rejection properties. It’s non-reflective, non-metal (will not inhibit radio, cell, or satellite signals), and includes a lifetime warranty against adhesive failure, peeling, fading, and cracking. Contact us for car window tinting in Lehigh Valley & Center Valley, PA!

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The Benefits of Car Window Tinting

If you’re still stuck on the fence as to whether you should invest in auto detailing in Allentown, PA or Lehigh Valley, PA, then you should know about the benefits of window tinting.

One of the benefits that you can experience with auto window tinting in Bethlehem, PA, is a decrease in fading upholstery. Thanks to frequent exposure to UV, it’s common for the upholstery in your car to start to fade.

Car window tinting can help with that. By tinting your windows, it blocks the UV rays from reaching your upholstery.

High end window tinting in Easton, PA, can also keep those UV rays from touching your own skin. This can help prevent sunburn and even skin cancer. 

Along with a ceramic coating in Quakertown, PA, our auto window tinting in Easton, PA can keep your car safe. Adding a film to the windows of the car can help it resist shattering.

Finally, window tinting can also improve security and privacy in your car. With darker windows, it can make it difficult for thieves to see if there’s anything important inside your car worth stealing.

Visit Madico to learn more about the benefits of window tinting.

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Car Window Tinting in Easton & Hellertown, PA

Our Car Window Tinting Service is High-Quality

Just like our paint correction services in Bethlehem, PA, our tinting services are performed by experts in the field. You can be sure that your car is receiving its tint safely. We will take all of the necessary precautions and only use the best materials.

Tinting your windows can offer the following benefits:

  • Improved lifespan of upholstery
  • Reduction of skin problems
  • Improved privacy and security
  • Sophisticated appearance

If you’re interested in trying out our tinting service, then give us a call. Our team is standing by and ready to serve you. You’ll love your car’s new windows.

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Professional Car Window Tinting in Hellertown, PA

Window tinting can offer your car plenty of benefits. Yet it should never be performed by inexperienced technicians in Lehigh Valley or Quakertown, PA. If you want a high end window tint, then you need to visit Motor Car Paint Protection in Hellertown, PA.

Why You Should Choose Our Car Window Tinting Services in Easton, PA

A high end window tint in Bethlehem, PA is different from standard tinting because it utilizes high-quality materials. Most films become damaged by the sun. Our tints in Allentown, PA don’t. This is because we use cutting edge technology to develop window tints that can reflect the sun’s rays back instead of absorbing it.

Our car tinting in Quakertown, PA will keep the interior of your car cooler. It will also make your car just that much safer.

Even if you just want your windows tinted in Hellertown, PA because of the aesthetic appeal, we can help you. We know that having darker windows makes your car look more professional and elite.

Visit Our Shop in Quakertown, PA Today

To see how tinted windows can benefit you and your car, visit our shop today. We’ll go over the process of how we install the tinted windows and the advantages it has over other methods. When you want high-quality and professionally-installed tinted windows, our shop is the one to use. Visit us today or give our team a call to find out more about our services.