Car Detailing Throughout The Lehigh Valley, PA

Expert Auto Detailing in Allentown, Bethlehem, Quakertown & Emmaus, PA

Your Car Deserves A Restart.

A new generation of auto detailing services is on the rise in Lehigh Valley, PA. Rediscover the joy and comfort of a brand new car with our high-quality auto detailing.

For new vehicles, we recommend you check out our Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating service to help protect and extend the brand new state of your car.

Our of skilled craftsmen and technicians are equipped with the latest in car care technology to remove any stains and restore the brand new look and feel of your vehicle.

Each of our car detailers has years of experience perfecting their craft and have gone through extensive professional training to ensure your vehicles receive the highest level of care resulting in absolutely stunning results the first time and every time.

Wether you want to ring back the shine on your vehicle or remove stubborn stains on your carpets, we can wax and shampoo your vehicle back to perfection.

Our main packages can be found below. If you wish to have a service that isn’t detailed on this page, please contact us and we will gladly guide you as to what we can do to resolve your car detailing challenges.

Auto Detailing & Car Wash Packages

Level 1
$149Starting At
  • -Gentle Foam Bath
  • -Engine Bay cleaned
  • -Door jambs cleaned
  • -Wheel and wheels wells cleaned
  • -Paint Decontamination
  • -Synthetic sealant (4-6 months)
  • -Exhaust tips polished
  • -Tires Dressed
  • -Vacuum
Level 3
$699Starting At
  • -Multi-Step Paint Correction to Remove Most Scratches & Restore Better Than Brand New Shine
  • -Gentle Foam Bath
  • -Engine Bay cleaned
  • -Door jambs cleaned
  • -Wheel and wheels wells cleaned
  • -Paint Decontamination
  • -Synthetic sealant (4-6 months)
  • -Exhaust tips polished
  • -Tires Dressed
  • -Vacuum
Level 3 + Ceramic Coating
$999Starting At
  • -Ceramic Paint Protection Coating for Years of Protection
  • -Multi-Step Paint Correction to Remove Most Scratches & Restore Better Than Brand New Shine
  • -Gentle Foam Bath
  • -Engine Bay cleaned
  • -Door jambs cleaned
  • -Wheel and wheels wells cleaned
  • -Paint Decontamination
  • -Synthetic sealant (4-6 months)
  • -Exhaust tips polished
  • -Tires Dressed
  • -Vacuum

Interior Car Cleaning in Coopersburg, PA

At Motorcar Paint Protection, you get auto detailing that rivals all other in Quakertown and Lehigh Valley, PA!

There is nothing better than enjoying new auto detailing and car interior cleaning for your car. Whether you are in Allentown or Bethlehem, Center Valley, PA or Hellertown, you deserve to have the feeling of a brand-new car without having to pay out for a new one. You can recapture the magic of buying your new car for the first time when you get your car expertly detailed by the team at Quakertown Motorcar Paint Protection.

Auto Detailing in Allentown, Bethlehem, Quakertown & Emmaus, PA

auto detailing lehigh valley pa

Whether you want to sort your Center Valley, PA car cleaning with a car wash or you want car interior cleaning completed, you should be able to enjoy a vehicle without stains and restore the worn upholstery with us. We can provide you with car detailers for Emmaus car interior cleaning that have years of experience perfecting their car detailing services. They’ve worked hard to help us to cultivate packages that can suit a variety of Lehigh Valley, PA cars, allowing your car to be well cared for from the moment that it pulls into our Allentown forecourt. We can provide the highest possible level of care, so you know you’re going to come away with sensational results every single time.

Auto detailing allentown pa

Car Wash Near Allentown

You want a Coopersburg, PA interior car detailing in Center Valley, PA or car interior cleaning in Center Valley, PA, that makes a brand new car off the lot look old, and that’s the service that we provide. We offer ceramic coating in Lehigh Valley, PA and Emmaus, paint protection film in Allentown, PA and surrounding areas, as well as our extensive car detailing packages, and you can get the best paint correction to match your Coopersburg, PA interior car detailing.

Our Packages

Our car detailing and Hellertown car cleaning packages range from level 1 at $149 to level 3 + ceramic coating at $999, and with a phone call, you could get the best possible quote for your auto detailing needs. We’re all about pushing that shine, removing those stains and shampooing your car back to perfection, and we do it with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. When you come to Allentown Motorcar Paint Protection, you get the very best every single time. We don’t just detail the interior, but we can give your car a full wash, wax, and polish with the best products on the market. If there is anything that you would like that isn’t detailed in one of our Lehigh Valley, PA comprehensive packages, simply let us know, and we will create your own Bethlehem bespoke package for you!

Who Are Motorcar Paint Protection?

We are offering a bespoke, professional business looking to help those who need car detailing in the Allentown, Bethlehem, Center Valley, PA, Hellertown, Lehigh Valley, PA, Quakertown, Emmaus and Coopersburg, PA areas. Whatever you need, from Hellertown interior car detailing and car wash to car cleaning and auto detailing, we’re here for you. When you call our office, you’ll talk to knowledgeable professionals who can help you from the moment you say hello! We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all things auto detailing and car wash, and we are proud of that!

Have a Question or Need a Quote?

Interior Car Detailing in Center Valley, PA

Searching for professional auto detailing Allentown residents count on? Need a car wash? Look no further, as you’ve found the best in town. We’re a car detailer with a lot to prove to our customers. Drop by for service or schedule an appointment for auto detailing Allentown and we’ll help keep your car looking and performing its best. It’s hard to believe that our auto detailing Allentown services impact a vehicle so much, but it’s true. We’d love to have a hand in your vehicle’s long-lasting beauty and quality.

car detailing in Bethlehem

We are proud of our professional car detailing Allentown services and think that you’ll love the way we make your car look when our services are complete. Call us to schedule car detailing Allentown services today. Our affordable car detailing Allentown services are the best around.

Need car detailing Bethlehem residents can trust, car interior cleaning Bethlehem, PA drivers think is top notch or car cleaning Bethlehem residents depend on? We have you covered. Our car detailing Bethlehem and car interior cleaning Bethlehem services are phenomenal. Bring in your car for detailing or car cleaning Bethlehem and leave with a beautiful, like-new ride that turns heads the moment you pull out of our parking lot. Detailing and car interior cleaning Bethlehem, PA are both services we proudly offer to our customers. Stop by the car wash before you leave.

We offer car interior cleaning Bethlehem, PA plus car interior cleaning Hellertown and car detailing Hellertown for drivers. We’ll vacuum the exterior, clean the dashboards and provide many other car interior cleaning Hellertown services. We can also wash the tires, and provide additional services that improve the overall vehicle appearance. We’re proud of our car detailing Hellertown service and think you’ll be just as happy. Auto detailing Emmaus is yours when you call us as well. We serve the entire area with detailing services. If you need auto detailing Emmaus drivers can count on, let us be of service.

Why Car Detailing Services?

Our car detailing Lehigh Valley services keep your car looking its best. It can also prevent numerous problems that would affect the vehicle’s performance and your wallet. Our professional car detailing Lehigh Valley professionals strive to make each vehicle look it’s very best. We’d love to show you why we’re one of the most trusted names in detailing service in the area.

Car Detailing Center Valley Costs

Car detailing Center Valley costs vary from one service to the next. Packages offer discounted rates to customers who want multiple services. The small amount of money you pay to use car detailing is well-worth it at the end of the day. It is a reasonably-priced service

Car Detailing in Quakertown

Car detailing in Quakertown is available. Don’t operate your car another day when it doesn’t look its best. Our detailers can help your car shine from the inside out. Come see us for a one-time service to see what we are all about. Or, get in the habit of car detailing and make plans to visit us regularly. We even have an on-site car wash available. We’d love to take a hand in keeping your vehicle looking its best.

auto detailing pennsylvania

Protective Layer

Another service we provide in Allentown, PA, Quakertown, Emmaus, PA, and Lehigh Valley, PA is protective coatings. If you’re tired of small rocks, salt, and other dirt and debris scratching up your car, then a protective layer can do you a lot of good. The coatings we provide sit perfectly on your car and help it withstand dirt, exposure to the sun, and exposure to rock salt on the roads.

When other cars are looking drab in Emmaus, PA and Lehigh Valley, PA, yours will look like it rolled right off the dealership’s floor. Auto detailing can keep your car safe from the harsh demands of the road.

Preserve Interior

Our team also provides car detailing on the inside of your car. Auto detailing shouldn’t end with just the exterior. Our team can use material-safe products to clean your seats, floor, and ceiling of your car. We’ll leave it smelling fresh and looking brand new.

Has your car seen a few rough winters in Bethlehem, PA? Then our expert team can help. We provide expert car detailing in Bethlehem, PA, Allentown, PA, Quakertown, Emmaus, PA, Lehigh Valley, PA, and the surrounding areas. Few know what auto detailing can actually do to their car. Here’s how car detailing can help.

Bring Back the Shine

Remember when your car was brilliant and shiny in Bethlehem, PA? It can be that shiny again. Car detailing in Allentown, PA gets rid of the several inches of dust and grime that sticks to your car. After a thorough scrub from our team, they can then move onto the next step of polishing it. Your car in Quakertown will be brand new by the time we’re done with it.

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Professional Car Wash Services and Car Detailing in Pennsylvania

Taking care of your car requires more than just changing out your oil every year. The exterior of your car is just as important. When you need reliable car wash services and auto detailing, you need to come to Motor Car Paint Protection in Pennsylvania.

Why You Should Visit Our Auto Store in Bethlehem PA and Coopersburg PA

Our auto paint shop provides several services that can make your car look great and function even better. Paint correction and auto detailing are a sure way to make your car last longer in Quakertown PA. Without rust collecting on your vehicle thanks to our auto detailing service in Allentown PA, your car can last through the seasons.

We can also provide interior car detailing and car interior cleaning in Hellertown PA. Keeping the inside of your car clean is vital to keeping it fresh and new. Our car cleaning services in Lehigh Valley PA will extend that new car smell for as long as possible.

Visit Us in Pennsylvania Today

Whether you need a car wash in Emmaus PA or anywhere else in our area, our expert auto shop in Pennsylvania is ready to help.

allentown car detailingThe Best Car Detailing in Bethlehem, PA and Allentown, PA

One of the best ways to rejuvenate your car is to send it off for auto detailing. When you choose an auto detailing company to perform the detailing services, you need to be sure that you can trust the company. The last thing you want to experience is receiving a damaged car afterward. Our detailing company, Motor Car Paint Protection, offers reliable and high-quality car detailing services in Bethlehem, PA, Allentown, PA, Quakertown, PA, Lehigh Valley, and Emmaus. Learn more about what services we provide.

What is Detailing?

Those who are unsure of what detailing includes for a car in Bethlehem, PA and Lehigh Valley, PA, the answer is both simple and complex. Detailing refers to cleaning practices for both interior and exterior parts of the car. Yet there are many different cleaning techniques and services within a detailing package.

You need to make sure that you sign up for the package that best fits your needs. The benefits of car detailing are vast.

On the one hand, you can experience a thorough car cleaning that takes cleaning a step further than just having it washed at a car wash. Interior car cleaning, for example, is a thorough wipe down and vacuuming of every aspect of the interior of your car.

When you receive your car after interior car cleaning in Emmaus and Quakertown, PA, it’ll be like receiving a brand new car. It will look fresh, smell fresh, and you’ll be able to sink into your seat just like you did when you first bought it.

Another benefit comes from waxing your car in Emmaus and Lehigh Valley, PA. Besides just car cleaning, a wax can protect your car from the weather elements.

Call Us Today in Allentown, PA and Quakertown, PA

You can benefit from detailing if your car is:

  • Dirty
  • Contains scratches
  • Dented
  • Looks old

Our team can take your old and dirty car and completely transform it. We’ll have it sparkling from both the inside and outside. Contact us for detailing services.

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